Savant Soundbar thông minh LCR kèm tính năng điều khiển nhà thông minh

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Your home audio system can now deliver much more than just top quality sound. Savant’s revolutionary 3-Channel LCR Soundbar with built-in automation and control technology provides incredible audio quality, plus a single stream of Savant Music, integrated control ports, and Savant Host processing capabilities. This powerful tool can control your home, all while remaining the centerpiece in your theatre or living room.

  • Driver Compliment:
  • 6 - 3.5”(89mm) Long Throw Carbon Fiber Midrange / Woofers
  • 3 - 25mm Vifa XT Super Audio Tweeters
  • 2 -19mm Stage Tweeters
  • Attaches to the displays VESA mounts with the included heavy duty brackets, allowing the audio to travel with the video even if the display is on an articulating arm
  • Extruded aluminum black anodized cabinet provides a system that will work with even the thinnest of displays without sacrificing performance
  • Side firing Stage Tweeters, make the sound stage extend far beyond the display
  • Long Throw Carbon Fiber Woofers and Vifa DX soft silk 25mm Super Audio Tweeters deliver “state-of-the-art” audio, for accurate and dynamic reproduction
  • Centered, rear input terminals allow for easy wire routing
  • Gold plated spring connectors ensure a good connection for the life of the installation



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